Hi Loves,

My Name is Esther, but everyone now calls me Elly :) . I am the founder of Elly Home Decor. We are a black female owned company.

For a large part of my life I was heavily dependent upon sleeping pills. After being raped at 15, anxiety and stress became a normal part of my life, even after doing therapy.

In 2012 I left for college in New York where I graduated top of my class with the highest honors Suma Cum Laude. While in New York, I made the decision to stop using sleeping pills, but when I returned home so did the anxiety that was oh so familiar.

One day I remembered I was given a candle (I had never used a candle before) as a goodbye gift for when I was returning home to Trinidad & Tobago and while I wanted to save this beautiful candle for some special occasion, I decided nahhh, let me just light it.

And when I did, I remember taking off the lights and feeling the most relaxed I had felt in ages. As the light flickered and the aroma filled the room on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, there was stillness in the room, and while I still had thoughts floating about in my head, it simply gave me a mental ease in which to process my life.

It was after that experience that I decided I wanted to create Candles as gifts which has blossomed into the little company we are now.

When I returned home, after constantly being told I was “overqualified” with encouragement from my husband I started my own company which started of with beautifully done greeting cards and have expanded to now Candles with almost 40 scents, Reed Diffusers, Wax Melts and soon to be added Bath Scrubs and Room Sprays.

I am passionate about my company and our mission to impact the lives of women through self care. 

So we thank you for joining and being apart of the Elly Family.


Ps. scroll down to the bottom of page to put faces to some members of our team :)